School Yearbooks

We understand that schools have different budgets, staff sizes, technical tools and skills.


WebEase™ School Yearbook Publishing

We’ve made it easy to have a high-tech school yearbook—with the most innovative and easy-to-use online yearbook program available!

  • Choose page layouts, create custom pages, add text and place or crop your photos online.
  • Anytime access to your school yearbook—all of your images, layouts and copy are organized and stored on our secure servers. Just click a button and you'll see your proof in seconds.
  • Our powerful design tool lets you choose page layouts, create custom pages, add text, and upload, place and crop your photos online. Editing and sorting portrait images is a snap!

No-Touch™ School Yearbook Images CD

Digital images provided on a CD customized to meet your school yearbook publisher’s specifications.

  • 100% accuracy in matching images, names and other personal data.
  • Automatically “flows” images and names onto your yearbook pages in the order you prefer and saves you time.
  • Student and staff portraits are in ready-to-print format for school yearbooks.
  • Head size is always consistent and skin tones accurate.
  • Auto cropping ensures that faces are consistently centred in the frame.

Zoom: A Year in Review

Enhance your yearbook with this current events insert that captures the top stories of the year in news, technology, sports, entertainment and more!

  • Helps students and parents remember the school year in the context of major events.
  • Adds value to your school yearbook by providing an additional feature.