School Pictures

We've been partnering with schools to capture memories and celebrate achievements for over 70 years

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Elementary & Middle School Portraits

Elementary & Middle School Portraits

Fall Portraits

Children grow up quickly, and quality school portraits are a wonderful way to document each year of their lives. Our fall program provides more variety and better portrait quality than any other school photographer. Parents can:

  • Choose the background colour and pose before picture day.
  • Choose which portraits to purchase from beautiful 8 x 10 proof sheets. View a sample proof sheet
  • Choose from portrait packages, sheets and fun portrait products including a CD of your digital images.
  • Create and purchase portrait gifts and keepsakes on our online photo gift store.

Expression First Photography (Available in select locations)

Expression First is an exciting new photography program that uses the latest technology to offer more choice than ever before.

  • New camera set up makes Picture Day faster and easier. With no cords on the floor, Expression First is easier for children with disabilities.
  • Each student is captured in two unique poses that together create over 100 exciting portrait looks.
  • With so many portrait looks parents can order exactly what they want, to remember this school year
  • When parents order online at, they can order multiple portrait looks in a single package!
  • Ask your local Lifetouch office if Expression First is available for your school.

Spring Portraits

Spring picture day provides the opportunity for a more relaxed, casual portrait with a nature backdrop. Parents can:

    • Choose the pose for their child.
    • Purchase new, fun portrait packages only available in the spring.
    • Create and purchase portrait gifts and keepsakes on our online photo gift store.

Milestone Portraits

For kids who have completed kindergarten or middle school, or are receiving communion for the first time.

High School Portraits

High School Portraits

Fall Portraits

Students want to look their best on their ID cards and in school yearbooks. Our expertise in merging data with images ensures that images will be perfectly cropped and of the highest quality. Students can:

  • Choose their portrait pose and background colour from our variety of options.
  • Choose which portraits to purchase from the best proof sheets in the industry.
  • Enjoy creating portrait gifts and keepsakes on our online photo gift store.
  • Worry less! Our retouching services can take care of any embarrassing blemishes.

Graduation Portraits

Fun, relaxed sessions that result in the perfect graduation picture—from Lifetouch Prestige Portraits. From cap and gown portraits to casual poses, our Prestige program will exceed your expectations.


Proof Program


Payment Programs

New! Online Ordering

With the Online Proof Program parents have more options to order than ever before! They can claim, view and order their student's images on our safe and secure site, OR they can use the traditional paper order form and return it to school.

Proof Program

Parents preview the images with our high quality proof sheet before deciding what to purchase.

Pre-Pay Program

Package options are provided to schools before picture day to distribute to parents. All orders are collected on or before picture day.

Family Approval Program

Offered for spring portraits. Families have the convenience of deciding whether they want to purchase portraits after they receive their portrait package.

Re-Ordering Portrait Packages

Families can re-order online, by phone, or by mail. Re-order information is included in the delivery of all portrait packages.